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Spring has sprung and the warmer weather offers an opportunity to let your creativity and thirst for knowledge bloom. This month, we would like to encourage artistic expression and introduce the latest release of the Coping Manual to our site. As always, we have also highlighted important information that is currently trending in the LVAD world. Have a fantastic day and enjoy the early signs of the season!
Artistic Expression

Creativity is one of the best ways to release stress or tension and directly improve your mood and outlook to live a happy, healthy life. Whether you decide to express your creativity through music, art, or dance, you are bringing joy into your life and lightening the air around you and those around you. Read more >

Thoratec Pocket Controller Alert

On April 2nd, the FDA initiated a Class I alert on Thoratec's HeartMate II LVAD Pocket System Controller. Patients with the device reported difficulties switching from the primary system controller to the backup power device. It's important to be aware of these incidents and discuss with the LVAD community. Please share your thoughts, concerns, or questions on this series of events on our Community Forum. Share >
Thoratec's Heartmate II >