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Permanent support for severe heart failure 

INCOR® is an implantable left ventricular assist device. It is a unique pump featuring a free floating, active magnetic axial rotor bearing.

The INCOR® System was designed with a goal of long term function as necessary for use as permanent therapy (DT="Destination Therapy") in that it can assume the work of the left ventricle without wear. INCOR® can also be implanted as Bridge to Transplant and Bridge to Recovery.

Incor Animation

The principle of the Archimedes' Screw

The blood coming from the heart flows into the INCOR® axial pump and there passes first through the inlet guide vane which ensures the laminar inflow to the proper rotor.

The rotor has an active magnetic bearing while floating contact-free and produces the required pumping work at 5,000 to 10,000 rpm. The outlet guide vane behind the rotor takes the rotation out of the turning blood with the specially aligned blading, thereby building additional pressure, and directs the blood in the outlet cannula to the aorta. The necessary electrical energy to drive the pump is fed by a cable which is conducted through the skin on the right side of the patient. The pump cable is connected with the driving unit cable via a plug connector close to the patient. The driving unit monitors and controls the entire system and is connected to the batteries which supply the INCOR® with power.

INCOR® creates a constant blood flow which, in combination with the native left ventricle, leads to pulsatility in the patient.

The System

The Individual Components

The INCOR® Pump is composed of the following components:

  1. Inflow cannula
  2. Axial pump
  3. Main battery
  4. Control unit
  5. Plug connector
  6. Backup battery
  7. Pump cable
  8. Outflow angle (n/a with lateral access)
  9. Outflow cannula 
    Incor Superior Pump

Occasionally active components

  • Mains power supply unit
  • Charging unit
  • Laptop with monitoring program

The External Components 

The INCOR® left ventricular assist device is composed of an implantable pump and its various external components.

Battery, Driving Unit and Bag

Smart Bag OpenSmart Bag

The patient carries the driving unit and batteries with him/her in the specially designed INCOR® bag. This serves the safe-keeping and transport of the components.

The pump cable is fed through the skin percutaneously and connects the pump to the control unit cable via the plug connector situated close to the patient. The control unit monitors and controls the entire system. Main and backup batteries are connected to the control unit and supply the system with power. In case of possible damage to the cable, this can be easily replaced together with the control unit thanks to the plug connector. A specially designed bag enables safe keeping and transport of the components.

Mains power supply for stationary power supply of the systemMain Power Supply  

Charging unit for charging the batteries Charging Unit


Laptop with monitoring programIncor Laptop