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MyLVAD is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with LVADs.
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It is important to take advantage of the many groups and communities that exist for LVAD Recipients, Caregivers, and VAD Coordinators alike. By getting involved within these networks, you are exposed to a vast amount of tips, suggestions, understanding, and support. We encourage you to not only take on this opportunity of getting involved, but to be an active contributor and share your knowledge about the LVAD world with others.
Participation and Socialization
Participating in religious services or engaging in family and community activities are examples of important coping mechanisms for life with your LVAD. Learn more about all the different kinds of groups, workshops, projects, and activities that you can participate in to connect with other people and live a more fulfilled life with your device. Learn more >
Showering and Hygiene Tips
Once you have been cleared by your hospital or LVAD team to shower with your device, you will want to discover the best bathing method for yourself. Washing up is a little bit of a challenge at first, while you learn how to keep your driveline and exit site dry and keep your  controller and batteries out of the way. We've compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help you discover your personal process for showering with your device. Read more >
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