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MyLVAD is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with LVADs.
The start of the New Year, for many, brings on the feeling of new beginnings and a renewed sense of energy to make changes in your life. This month and every month, we strive to provide you with the necessary tools to complete your goals as you continue your journey with your LVAD, in the hopes that it will remain a happy and healthy one.
“You will find meaning and purpose as you work to re-envision your life.”

In order to make changes in your life or set goals you wish to accomplish, it is important to complete a process of self-discovery and reflection.  Revisioning - the first chapter to be released on our site from "Life Enrichment & Coping Skills: A Resource Manual for LVAD Patients" takes you through four suggestions to make these changes on your own. Read more >

Living with an LVAD
Brush up on your LVAD knowledge by learning more from tips about daily maintenance, exercise and physical activity, diet and nutrition, clothing options, travel tips, and more. We have dedicated a whole section of our site for you to easily access this information as you prepare for another happy and healthy year with your LVAD. Read more >
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