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Wearing your LVAD: Undertech Undercover Tank Top

Wearing the equipment is a hot topic for anyone who is a caregiver of or the recipient of an LVAD. Here at MyLVAD, we are constantly looking for new options to help make the lives of our community members easier. With this in mind, we rescanned the world of clothing to provide you with some alternative ways to wear your LVAD equipment.

We hear a lot of chatter about holsters and vests. While some do a good job of hiding the equipment, others let it all hang out. We know that regardless of how holsters and vests perform, they add an extra layer to what you are already wearing. Our goal was to find an alternative option that would work under your clothing without adding another layer.

We’re happy to report that we achieved success! However, in order to present this to you, we have to get…well…personal. We have stripped down and will be talking about underwear.  That is, underwear that you can wear to carry your external LVAD equipment.  We’ve rated the clothing using a scale of 1-5 hearts, with 5 being our highest rating and 1 being our lowest.

Undertech Undercover Tank Top

The Undertech line of products is designed for law enforcement personnel but is a great option for LVAD recipients who want to hide equipment under their clothing.  This tank top is made of their brand exclusive “Coolux Mesh,” a fabric that breathes and wicks moisture away from the body.

The tank top is made to wear tight like compression clothing, fitting like a “second skin.” The tank top has two elastic open bottomed “pockets” that are big enough to safely fit batteries from both the HeartMate II and HeartWare LVAD systems.

Undertech Underware

Undertech Underware

Look: 5 Hearts

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The tank top looks like a normal tank but is made of a fabric that is silky to the touch.  It is lightweight, comfortable and stretches without issue.

Ease of Use: 4 Hearts

The elastic pockets are designed for something smaller than an LVAD battery, but with very little stretching we fit both manufacturer’s batteries in the “pocket.”  It was very easy to see the battery life indicators while they were in the “pockets” and both types of batteries were easily removed.

Security of Equipment: 5 Hearts heart buttonheart buttonheart buttonheart buttonheart button

There is a snapped security band that fits over the top of the batteries on each side of the garment, which held them tightly in place. No need to fear the batteries falling out of your pockets.

Controller and Battery Accessibility: 3 Hearts heart buttonheart buttonheart button

There was no place to put the controller in this garment, although it could easily be worn on a belt with whatever outer garment you choose. Batteries were accessible and battery status monitors were easily seen while they remained in the pockets.

Hiding Cables: 1 Heart heart button

Although no real area to hide cables, they would be concealed under whatever outer garment you might wear.

Fit: 4 Hearts heart buttonheart buttonheart buttonheart button

This shirt is designed to hold equipment similar in weight to an LVAD battery. It is designed as a tight fit and to conceal whatever is in the pockets underneath normal clothing.

Overall MyLVAD Review: 3 Hearts heart buttonheart buttonheart button

This tank top is definitely an option for men and women who want to conceal their equipment under normal clothing. The fit is made to be tight, the seams are sturdy and the elastic pockets are big enough to fit both batteries, with room for 2 spare if you choose (although we are not sure why you would).

Excited about this new option? We are too. Here are some links to where you can buy this tank top online:

Don’t forget to check out the forum topics on clothing either. Some of our members have gotten creative in finding solutions to meet this need. We also posted this product in the forms as a new topic.


The newest vest we just received, the batteries go on each side pockets, where does the
controller go ?

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We are very interested in where and what vests are available for my husband. Please give us some tips. Surgery was 10/19/2016. Would like to go home with new vest.
Thank you Susan

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Looking for backpack or back carrier for heartware 2 any ideas

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Hubby has had his LVAD 5 years this past April - due to back issues GoGear bag, vests, holsters, etc don't work for him; he has been wearing cargo pants just about from the beginning. Systems Controller hooks on belt and batteries go in the pockets of cargo pants. You do have to check measurements on width and depth of pockets and length from belt of where pocket begins and ends on pants, but we have always found what we needed and its works for him.

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Hello all, I have been really struggling to wear my lvad, as I am very self-conscious. First, I took it upon myself and put my own sewing to the test. Well, that didn't work out as planned... I have since tried many lvad shirts that people make, and I haven't found one that holsters everything the most effective way. My coordinator recommended one to me, and I feel it does exactly what I am looking for. Rod Carew, has come out with a line of lvads shirts that has really helped me be most comfortable in carrying my Vad confidently and securely. Even so, my cardiac rehab people WILL NOT let me partake in some cardiac rehab exercises if I am not wearing it. If you're unsure about purchasing a LVAD shirt, I can assure you is by far the best lvad shirt that evenly distributes the weight and will allow you to wear your equipment comfortably. They have great customer service too, as I received a response in less than 5 minutes. That's a plus!

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