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Monica was a very healthy 37-year-old mother of two young boys.

In January of 2011 she started having difficulty breathing and tightness in her chest. This continued for several days until she was taken to the emergency room. There, the nurses were startled when her pulse rate was up over 200, and her blood pressure was extremely low. She was then rushed into the trauma unit, and was later diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After several more test, she was later diagnosed with viral Cardiomyopathy. For the next 3-½ months Monica was in and out of the hospital 11 times for over 45 days. In April it was decided she needed a heart transplant, and she was put on the transplant list. To our dismay a blood test determined that her antibodies were extremely elevated, and was taken off the transplant list. Most likely her body would reject any heart that was given to her. At this point, her heart was at such a weakened state and because of low blood flow, many of her other organs were starting to shut down. The Dr’s came to us and presented the option of having a pump, called a LVAD, attached to her heart. This LVAD was basically her only option for survival. On May 13th Monica had open-heart surgery to attach the LVAD pump to her heart. The pump has a wire that comes off of it, and out of her abdomen, which connects to a controller and two batteries. She is connected to this unit 24/7, and it is basically her lifeline.

Since her surgery Monica is finally feeling much better, and is leading a fairly normal life, except for the few limitations of having the pump. We know that God has been with us every step of this journey, and we pray for healing of her heart. Our prayer is to one day have the pump removed.