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MyLVAD is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with LVADs.
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You’ve heard the expression, “Stop and smell the roses”. This month, we would like to focus on reflection and inner peace. Too often we are so consumed with the fear of boredom that we pack our schedules with company and activities. Although it’s extremely important to be social and active, it’s equally as important to make room for down time. We’ve created a new page on our site dedicated to Reading, Prayer and Mediation from the Coping Manual that offers insight into finding the best way for you to practice quiet time.
Reading, Prayer and Meditation

Reading has proved to help ease adjustment to new life changes, prayer reminds us to think about others and unselfish acts, and meditation leads you down the path of renewal for a fresh outlook and perspective. All three of these ideas share one major commonality: Inner peace. 
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Share Your Story!

You have the opportunity to help a fellow LVAD Recipient or Caregiver in need. Share your story and words of wisdom with the community on our forum. Life with an LVAD is difficult and sometimes all it takes are a few words of encouragement and inspiration to lift someone’s spirits Share >

General Daily Checklist

Discovering your very own daily routine with your LVAD is crucial to the maintenance of your device. A great way to ensure you are remembering everything you need to do during your routine is to print out a General Daily Checklist. We have compiled a list of general guidelines to start you off. Remember to frequently check in with your LVAD team to make sure you are giving yourself the proper daily care. Learn More >