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Synergy is a miniature ventricular support system that offers the potential of a new minimally invasive treatment option for patients with chronic heart failure who are not responding to standard medical care. The system’s less invasive implant procedure is intended to reduce the surgical risks associated with implant procedures that require cardiopulmonary bypass support. In addition, Synergy is intended to reduce symptoms of heart failure and associated re-hospitalizations, as well as to improve exercise tolerance and quality of life. The Synergy system is comprised of CircuLite’s proprietary Micro-pump, inflow cannula and outflow graft, a percutaneous lead that is connected to a wearable external controller and a lightweight, rechargeable dual battery pack system. Synergy's Micro-pump is the size of a AA battery, provides up to 4.25 liters of blood flow per minute, and is intended to reduce the heart's workload while improving blood flow to vital organs. Synergy supplements the heart's native pumping capacity and preserves its ability to respond to the patient's cardiac output demands. The system is surgically implanted using a mini-thoracotomy and the Micro-pump is placed in a pacemaker-like pocket.