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MyLVAD is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with LVADs.
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At MyLVAD, we understand how important it is for recipients and caregivers alike to receive training on how to use and maintain the LVAD equipment no matter what role you play in the recipient's life.  This month, we want to focus on ways to make living with an LVAD more manageable and stress free for all by providing you with helpful tools to make living with the device more convenient.
Becoming a Caregiver
Every LVAD recipient needs a strong support system – including a dedicated caregiver. A caregiver does not always need to be a partner or spouse but can also be a friend, sibling, parent or child. Visit our “LVAD Patient Care” section to connect with other caregivers and exchange helpful tips that you have learned along the way. Read More >
Driveline Exit Site Quiz
Dressing changes are always a cause of anxiety for recipients and caregivers. We understand this can be a topic of concern for all so we have created a helpful user guide to identify driveline issues as soon as they come up. The Driveline Quiz will help you identify the difference between a healthy exit site and one that may require some attention by a professional LVAD team. We hope you will use this tool often to learn and confirm what a healthy driveline exit site should look like.
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