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The HeartMate II® is St. Jude's first-line intermediate-to-chronic left ventricular assist device. Designed to dramatically improve survival and quality of life, the HeartMate II® was developed with the goal of providing circulatory support for a broad range of advanced heart failure patients. Its small size and quiet operation make the HeartMate II® suitable for a wide range of patients, including women and those of smaller stature*. With product attributes specifically developed to minimize the risk of complications, the HeartMate II® is durable, dependable, and thromboresistant.

It offers a range of features and benefits:

  • Implantation requires a less invasive surgical procedure
  • Relative ease of management; completely wearable system
  • Low-dose anticoagulation regimen
  • Improvement of hemodynamics prior to cardiac transplantation can help optimize long-term outcomes

*The safety and effectiveness of Thoratec VADs in the paediatric population has not been established.


HeartMate II® LVAD
Thoratec, HeartMate II® LVAD - Patient Handbook



HeartMate II® Left Ventricular Assist System animated demonstration