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  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 1 week 4 days
  • Living with an LVAD
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  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 2 hours 8 min
    Hi, hello, good afternoon! My husband is jumping through the hoops to get qualified for the Heartmate II. We're just about done and meeting with the LVAD surgeon in just a week. I don't see many recent posts and it concerns me dearly.
  • Last activity 2 days 5 hours
    I have been an LVAD patient since Feb. 1, 2010 and can truly say I have been blessed. It started when I was referred to Mayo for a consolation but while waiting to be called by a doctor while sitting in the waiting room I passed out and was taken right away to the emergency room.
  • Last activity 3 days 6 hours
    I am a new LVAD patient, and I have the HeartWare pump and controller. I just modified a 5.11 tactical shirt. I sewed in an 1 1/2 elastic strap to the shirt across my lower chest to act as a belt for holding the controller.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 3 days 17 hours
    I just got out of the hospital. Had my VAD placed almost 3 weeks ago. Can you guys share tips and hints on how to wear my VAD? I have a Heartware 2. Thank you
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    Hi, My name is Matthew.
  • Caregiver Support
    Last activity 1 week 20 hours
    My Uncle has been living with his LVad for many years. He has recently been having complications. He's been in hospital over a week with a GI bleed they can't seem to find. He's had two colonoscopy and swallowed a pill that had a camera in it.
  • Last activity 1 week 1 day
    My father has had his Heartmate II for about 2 years and also has a pacemaker/defibilator that he has had for several years.  His main problem is nausea and constant pain around the area where the "elbow" of the pump is. He recently started complaining of a gurgling sensation after he eats.  Have
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 1 week 2 days
    Hi My father is 60 years old who suffered a ischemic stroke on 11/1/2018. Right now he is half paralyzed with aphasia. He has chronic heart failure. His heart is working 15-20%. He had a bypass in 2006 and a pacemaker implanted in 2012.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 1 week 3 days
    Hello My name is Bassit Nawaz, I was your average university student living a healthy and active lifestyle while making time to study and was on the path to obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Science’s.
  • Recipient Support
    Last activity 1 week 4 days
    I have had an LVAD for 8 years. The new daily cleaning of my driveline is a pre-packaged kit, which includes an effective infection prevention disk called biopatch. Because of skin issues, I am unable to use them. Every day I have a new disk to add, and have a good-sized bag now.
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 1 week 4 days
    My Brother-in-Law got his LVAD on November 30, 2017. After a grueling recovery, he got better and after 7 weeks in the hospital he was about to go home. But BAM! he got hit with the flu that is going around.
  • Last activity 1 week 4 days
    I think generators should be included in the package with batteries, charging station, and other accessories. Does anyone know of any programs that will help LVAD patients get one?
  • Last activity 2 weeks 2 days
    My sister will be having an LVAD implanted in early December. Her situation is a little different because she had 2 strokes in early October and her right hand is thus far not working (she is left-handed, fortunately, but it is still a major problem).
  • New to LVADs
    Last activity 2 weeks 3 days
    Just as an FYI, the East Carolina Heart Institute (Vidant Hospital), Greenville, NC is now a LVAD hospital. Our surgeon was previously at Duke in Durham and preformed over 40 implants there and has done 5 implants here. (I was the 3rd.)
  • Recipient Support
    Last activity 2 weeks 4 days
    Wife was implanted 3 yrs ago with heartmate 2 and has since had 3 drive-line revisions due to infection. We have been told transplant is not a option and have been forwarded to palliative care.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Last activity 2 weeks 6 days
    FOR FASTEST RESPONSE, Please email for instructions directly at
  • Living with an LVAD
    Last activity 3 weeks 8 hours
    Lets get to it. The worst thing that can happen to an LVAD user is a drive line infection. It can put you in the hospital many times over and cures with the various antibiotics may or may not work for you. It can lead to extra surgeries for debridement and in some cases make it worse.
  • Last activity 3 weeks 3 days
    I would like to go to southern spain and visit my family but do not believe it is possible. as there are no lvad centers in the south. there are two in northern spain.