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My Wife Made Me a Wonderful LVAD Vest!

Hi, my name is Hank Richmond. I got my LVAD on Friday the 13th of June, 2014. I want to share with you the vest that my wife Patty made for me for my Heartmate II gear. I've been wearing them (I have 3 in all) since September 2014. I needed something comfortable and balanced that would fit under my shirt. After some experiments, she came up this one, see pictures. It's very comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it, and I can play golf in it! Patty also made a word document with pictures and instructions on how she made the vest. You can adapt it to your own size and desires. I would be happy to send the instructions to you, if you are allowed to send me your email address. I am new at this web site, so am not sure of the protocol. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Also, sorry for all the picture repeats, this site would not let me fix that. The controller rides in the middle, and the batteries are on each side.The controller rides in the middle, and the batteries are on each side.Velcro helps keep everthing neat and secure.Vest FrontVest Back, 2 inch elastic attaches with VelcroVest Back, 2 inch elastic attaches with Velcro.

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Love what your wife made. My husband has the Heartmate 2 . It links like that's what you have. I would greatly appreciate the in structions. I do not have a printer . So, I can't give the instructions to a seamstress . I do not sew. I've tried to Dickie my ideas to someone, but not knowing about this equipment . They had no idea what I wanted. If you could mail me the directions . I would reimburse you for your time and trouble . Thank you, Patsy Ash 60 Lake Shore Dr. , North , Westford, Ma. 01886
God bless you and your family, happy New Year. Thanks again

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Hello my grandfather just had this same surgery done last year as well and your wifes creation really is wonderfull i would really like to get him one made here in az just like yours would you mind sharing how your wife made it my email is malingss@hotmail.com please and thank you

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lvad vest

Hi Hank,

I'd appreciate a copy of the instructions to make this vest. My email is randyman5775@gmail.com.


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lvad vest

You can send the instuctions to myrna.partridge@gmail.com I would be thankful to make this for my husband. Looks great!!!

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That looks awesome. I have a

That looks awesome. I have a Heartware and my cables aren't as long so they limit wearable options but I can modify these pics and send them to a seamstress

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golf vest

Please have you or your wife send the instructions on the vest. I am a avid golfer but only have my Lvad since August so a looking for a goog vest and this one seems to answer my needs.

Thank You

Thomas M. Dircks Email is ( tmdircks@gmail.com )

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LVAD Vest pattern

Hi - Please send me the pattern for the LVAD vest shown. It looks very comfortable. My email address is sandi67@hvc.rr.com.

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LVAD vest instructions

Hi Hank,

My husband Mike has an LVAD HeartMate II and we have been trying to figure out a more comfortable way for him to carry around the batteries and controller. He is an avid fisherman and also used to golf but thought he would have to give up that pastime, but your post has given us new hope! Your vest looks like a very interesting option! Can you please email the instructions to me? I can sew and give it a try. Our email is myankjoy@comcast.net Thanks so much! Joy and Mike