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The International Consortium of Circulatory Assist Clinicians (ICCAC) is a professional mentoring organization of mechanical circulatory assist device clinicians whose mission is to share information, educate and support individuals in this field to achieve optimal outcomes for patients requiring mechanical circulatory support, and to support efforts in the area of device clinical research and development.

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Awards and Grants

Exchange Award

The ICCAC Exchange Award offers MCS Clinicians the opportunity to share information and experience mechanical circulatory support patient management on an international level at a partner program. Please find further information here.


Research Grant

ICCAC supports research in the MCS field by VAD Coordinators. We are accepting grant applications for those interested in participating in active MCS research!

ASAIO 63rd Annual Conference

Please find further information about the:
  • ASAIO MCS Coordinator Program here
  • ASAIO / ICCAC MCS Proficiency Verification Course (MPV) here.

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