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The MCS field is growing rapidly necessitating the expansion of coordinators with unique knowledge of VAD patients and programs.  Regulatory requirements dictate that coordinators be trained yet the content of that training has never been defined.  This Core Curriculum group is established to create this essential MCS Coordinator core content.

  • History of MCS
  • Mechanics of MCS
  • Regulatory agencies
    • The Joint Commission
    • Food and Drug Administration
  • Finance
  • Heart failure
  • Right heart dysfunction
  • Pediatrics
  • Post operative optimization
    • End of life considerations
  • Hemostasis and thrombosis
  • General trouble shooting
The entire Core Curriculum will be available for ICCAC Members only.
Rationale For and Challenges Around Core Curriculum
  • Pros:
    • VAD Coordinator driven content
    • Tool for orientation for new coordinators
    • Consistent with other specialties/organizations such as AAHFN and NATCO
  • Challenges:
    • Accredited certification exams are expensive
    • Years in the making
    • Keep it current 
Please contact Tonya Elliott, Core Curriculum Program Chair, at for further information.