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Emergency Care of LVAD Recipients

Calling all EMS providers! Here at we have heard the many requests for information about the emergency care of LVAD recipients. We want to fulfill those requests by providing you with a comprehensive, unbiased site where you can receive the most up to date information surrounding LVADs and how this impacts the world of Emergency Medical Services. We have provided a platform for you to connect with other EMS providers to share your experiences, thoughts and advice in an open forum discussion. We invite you to use as your connection to the LVAD world.

Educational Videos:

At we understand that training for EMS providers is not always available in your area. We hope to help combat this issue by providing videos and webinars geared specifically for the EMS provider. Our first webinar was entitled Emergency Response to LVADs and you can view the video recording above. We hope you find this offering beneficial and look forward to your feedback regarding this and the other video offerings at We also trust that you will give us some ideas surrounding issues that you would like to have more information about. This site is about you, and your requests will help drive the content that we provide.



EMS Field Guides:

EMS field guides have been developed to help you identify, troubleshoot, and provide emergency care for the LVAD recipient. These field guides are free for download and can be kept with your emergency equipment in case you run into a situation that requires you to care for an LVAD recipient. Familiarizing yourself with the field guide is the first step in preparing yourself for emergency LVAD care.

MCSO Field Guides Link