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Heartmate II LVAD Implantation live video

Hello, In my spare time I often search the net looking for the latest news and technology with the LVAD. Recently, I came across this live narrated operative video of an actual implantation.
Normally, the sight of things like this make my stomach weak but I actually watched the video in its entirety and was simply amazed! Thought I would share with the community (*GRAPHIC NATURE*)http://youtu.be/I4r5_3uS0Nc


Very cool video. But then again I like that kind of thing. I wonder if he would do anything differently now that the FDA has made the recall with a change in how the inlet tube or whatever is connected. Wanted to ask on YouTube but can never figure out how to sign in.


Just wanted to say, I admire all who have gone thru lvad care, it is not easy, as I am finding out.But, what concerns me more is the person"s attitude. My husband can be very hard to work with and I will be responsible for his care. How does one do it.


This Dr did my Dad's Lvad! He is an amazing surgeon and person!


Thank you so much for your posting. I am a prospective recipient for LVAD. I have been looking for information about this surgery. Your posting has given me a little hope. I am frightened and full of questions. Thanks for your input.

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Hi Patti- it's ok to be frightened, you're human! Just remember you're not going through this alone, you have a whole community of LVAD'ers who have been through so much that any information you need, you can just ask away =) good luck to you!


This is for hope what kind of bleeding problems? My husband is in CHF also had 5 bypasses, lost 30 lbs already, he is very, very weak now but doctors are recommending the LVAD has it helped your husband