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This is not intended to be a complete list of all the things you should or shouldn’t do with an LVAD. Always follow your doctor and LVAD Team’s guidelines and instructions.


  • Contact your LVAD team with any questions or concerns you have
  • Clean and inspect your equipment daily
  • Take your medications at the same times every day
  • Keep necessary backup equipment with you at all times
  • Change your exit site dressings according to instructions
  • Report any signs of exit site infection to your LVAD team immediately
  • Eat a low-sodium, heart healthy diet
  • Check your weight daily
  • Get exercise, in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations
  • Enjoy the company and support of family, friends and neighbors
  • Use the Community Forums to meet and share your experiences with other LVAD patients and caregivers
  • Live life to the fullest!


  • Kink, bend or pull your driveline
  • Disconnect the driveline from the controller (under normal circumstances)
  • Sleep on your stomach
  • Take a bath or swim
  • Play contact sports
  • Have an MRI (CT Scans or X-Rays are OK)
  • Attempt to repair LVAD equipment yourself
  • Leave the house without backup equipment
  • Lose hope or feel like you’re alone. Your LVAD team is there for you, as are the patients and caregivers you’ll meet here at