The ReliantHeart HeartAssist5® is an LVAD that is part of the group of pumps called axial flow pumps.  
It is currently under investigational trial in the United States and has received a CE mark in Europe.

What's inside the body?

HeartAssist 5 popout

The HeartAssist5® is placed in the same space as the heart (called the pericardium).  It is attached to the apex (bottom) of the heart where blood enters the pump through one of two available sets of cannula (the tubes that bring attach the pump to the body) from left ventricle. Blood travels through the pump and is pushed through another cannula to the aorta (the major blood vessel that supplies blood to the body). The pump is powered by external batteries and uses an external controller (small computer) to manipulate and monitor the way that the internal pump functions. 
The HeartAssist5® pump is a little bigger than US Quarter or 1 Euro coin (71mm x 38mm) and weighs only 92 grams (3.2 ounces).






What's outside of the body?


The external equipment that comes as part of the HeartAssist5® system include:

The Conquest Controller
Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries
Battery Pocket Battery Pocket
Battery Charger
Power CableAutomobile Charger Power Cables
Hospital Monitor Hospital Console

How is it different?

Features that are unique to the HeartAssist5® in comparison to other currently available axial flow pumps are the following:
  • It weighs less than other available axial flow pumps;
  • It is placed in the same space as the heart and does not require the creation of a pocket below the diaphragm;
  • It has two available cannula sets which allows the surgeon to fit the pump to body size;
  • It "transfers" a pulse from the native heart through the pump to provide pulsatile blood flow through the pump;
  • It has an implanted ultrasonic "flow probe" which is used to directly measure the amount of blood coming out of the pump;
  • It has a remote monitoring system that securely transmits pump functioning parameters to a data center allowing the patient's medical team to review how the pump is working in real time.

How does it work?

This video has been provided by ReliantHeart, the company that makes the HeartAssist5® to help demonstrate the unique features of the HeartAssist5®.

HeartAssist5 Video Thumbnail