The HeartMate II™ is Abbott's first-line intermediate-to-chronic left ventricular assist device. Designed to dramatically improve survival and quality of life, the HeartMate II™ was developed with the goal of providing circulatory support for a broad range of advanced heart failure patients. Its small size and quiet operation make the HeartMate II™ suitable for a wide range of patients, including women and those of smaller stature*. With product attributes specifically developed to minimize the risk of complications, the HeartMate II™ is durable, dependable, and thromboresistant.

It offers a range of features and benefits:

  • Implantation requires a less invasive surgical procedure
  • Relative ease of management; completely wearable system
  • Low-dose anticoagulation regimen
  • Improvement of hemodynamics prior to cardiac transplantation can help optimize long-term outcomes

*The safety and effectiveness of Thoratec VADs in the pediatric population has not been established.

HeartMate II™ LVAD Patient Education Program with MPU


Introduction MPU

System Overview MPU



Pocket System Controller

Power Sources MPU



Changing Power Sources MPU

System Controller Alarms and Troubleshooting MPU



Living with your HeartMate II™MPU


HeartMate II™ LVAD Patient Education Program with Power Module


Introduction PM

System Overview PM



Pocket System Controller PM

Power Sources PM



Changing Power Sources PM

Alarms Troubleshooting/ Emergencies PM



Living with your HeartMate IITM  LVAD PM


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