The International Mentoring Program's mission is to offer VAD coordinators quality support that leads to growth and independence. Their philosophy involves collaboration with those they serve- VAD patients, VAD teams, communities and professional organizations- and it is with this, that they continue to apply collaboration to the Mentoring Program in working as a dyad to innovate, energize and offer support to VAD clinicians and patients.

The International Mentoring Program aims to:

  • Help VAD coordinators develop their professional careers
  • Promote quality care to VAD patients by enriching knowledge
  • Increase international collaboration in VAD research

The goal to grow, empower and share ideas is extremely important to the ICCAC, and this to is reflected in the Mentoring Program. By allowing veterans in the VAD field to be leaders and share their knowledge through the Mentoring Program, the ICCAC is strengthening the VAD community and providing novices with the necessary tools they need to succeed.

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