The Social Worker Workforce consists of ICCAC members who are professional social workers specializing in MCS services and are considered a part of the circulatory assist clinician team. Their goal is to collaborate with VAD Coordinators in mentorship, education, research, presenting and publishing. The Workforce is responsible for serving as a resource tool for social workers and for integrating social workers' involvement in ICCAC goals.


The Social Worker Workforce Mission Statement is as follows:

  1. MCS Social Workers conduct the psychosocial evaluation of a potential VAD patient, including but not limited to identifying social support for the patient and caregiver, compliance, mental health, coping skills, substance use and abuse, legal issues, understanding of MCS process and motivation for MCS, communication and learning style and the importance of body image.  Additionally, MCS Social Workers seek to enhance the effective functioning and well-being of VAD patients, their families, and their community through collaboration with multidisciplinary members of the circulatory clinical team in daily patient care, publishing and through education and advocacy.

  2. The Society for Transplant Social Workers' CCSW-MCS Certification (Certified Clinical Social Worker-Mechanical Circulatory Support) is a JCAHO designated best practice for all Social Workers in a VAD program, be it BTT or VT, and therefore, is recommended certification for all MCS Social Workers. 

  3. It is with this role description that this Workforce strives to represent the Social Worker within ICCAC projects, goals and values.

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