The Webinar Committee strives to offer educational webinar sessions on topics relevant to circulatory assist clinicians on a bi-monthly basis.Through interactive webinars, the Committee offers accessible learning opportunities to members right at their desk. The Committee is responsible for identifying current topics of interest and professional experts to present to the ICCAC membership. The topics and speakers chosen reflect the diverse nature of ICCAC clinicians.


Sarah Schettle, Chair

Thomas Schloeglhofer, Technical Director

Peggy Blood, ICCAC President

Sarah Witthoefft, Newsletter Director

Amanda Thomas, Advertising Director

Jodie Lantz


Appointment of membership is voluntary. Any ICCAC member in good standing can be a member of the Webinar Committee and should express their interest to the Committee Chair.

For more information, please contact the Committee Chair, Sarah Schettle, at

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