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Gregory D. Recipient

Supplies for your VAD...Yeahh

Just got this from a company out of Florida that my MCMS team was working with. Continuum They can supply all of your patches, foley anchors, silver foam etc. It is billed diretly to Medicare which is a god send, since I was pushing $450 per month, now I can save what I didn't have to begin with. Continuum is a St. Jude Company, you know the folks that bought Abbott and Thoratec. Here is the contact information, and I know this is something we all can use. Continuum 877-217-1485 6030 NW 4th Place Suite A Gainesville Florida, 32607 24hr cointact line (352) 665-1209
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Sheri B.

Wound Care Resources also bills Medicare, private insurance and most state Medicaid systems for VAD supplies. If patients have sensitive skin, they carry special products and "sensitive" kits that can be billed to patient insurance. There is no need for any patient to pay out of pocket for supplies unless they have no insurance. toll free (855) 400-2433
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Kevin B.

Can anyone tell me if they are getting their supplies from this company, and how much does medicare cover dressing change kits. Is it 80% or 100% Thank you
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Reiss T.

In my case Medicare pays 80% and my supplemental insurance pays the other 20%. The service has been excellent going back to my implant date in 2010. Their office is not far from my LVAD center in Gainesville, FL - UFHealth - and we have made it a point to occasionally stop by when we are in town and to cultivate a relationship, but I think the service would be good anyway.
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Theophilus C.

I am having a problem with Acelis connected health and the way they billed Medicare advantage ( United Health care) they keep saying they’re out of network, does anyone know which  insurance company is in network with them I was with Humana and it was the same thing  so frustrated  as I can’t afford to pay $525 per month for rental and supplies.

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Larry B.

Medicare pays 80 and the other 20 is picked up by our secondary ins. They are great to deal with and will even overnight when needed. Been using them going on six years now without any problems.

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John S.

Been using this company since 04/2019. They are an excellant company to deal with. Medicare does pay 80%, my FEP Blue picks up the balance. Ship FedEx overnight. They even call to see if you need anything.