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Driveline Port area rash

Been dealing with a rash around the port area. Port is not infected. My skin can't take anymore adhesive. Wondering if anyone has experienced this situation. Any help or suggestion would help!!!

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Stan C.

Of course please check with your LVAD team but is the rash "under" the actual bandage or just "inside" the bandage area?  For me, I use Triamcinolone 0.1% which I also use for my eczema.  I apply a small amount around the outside edge of the bandage and it will soak through the skin to help.  My LVAD team also suggested for me to use iodine for sterilizing the area instead of the 2 "lollypop" cleaners that come in the kit.  Verdict still out on the iodine as we just started it last Friday but so far I haven't had any itching.

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Lee S.

I used the same cream and method, It does help. The rash is under the actual bandage/adhesive. My Dr just told me about Cavilon. Just tried it over the weekend and what a difference it makes. I can't use the LVAD dressings with the window it is too harsh on my skin, but I might try again since I have the Cavilon. Iodine was suggusted by my LVAD team but it doesn't help nor does the lollypop cleaners from the kit. I use Medipore dressing which currently is working.

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Candi G.

Hi,  I have cared for my father for 6 years this December.  Our nurse told us if you don’t allow the Barrie cream time to dry it can cause a rash.  However, you should take a picture and send to your team. 

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I was told to let the area 'air out' for 30 minutes when I got rashes.
Everyone is different.

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Ginger H.

I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 years.  The original products used in the bandage changing routine did not irritate my skin as much as the new kit.  I have isolated each product and hopefully by eliminating the Barrier Film, I will find a more comfortable bandage.

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Lee S.

I agree with you. when I was in the hosptal the kits were fine and I didn't have any problems. Now I can't use the kit it's to harsh. My Dr told me about a barrier film called Cavilon, it's worked wonders over the weekend. I've been trying all kind of things. Implanted 10/1/21.

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Chuck S.

The original kits were ok the kits nowadays the  hepecleanse got to strong so we dilute it to 25% hepacleanse I don’t have that problem with it now

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Chuck S.

  • I have had my LVAD for 4-1/2 years and I have many infections including a fungal, this last year or I have had a rash around the site which is bright red and itchy. Comes and goes.
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James J.

I also use Triamcinolone occasionally. Not sure if it’s the anchor adhesive or prep. Clears up right away.

James J