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Korey R. Recipient

Getting A Job With A L-Vad?

Has anyone had any luck getting employment after having a L-Vad placed? I'm currently on SSI and Social Security and I only make $870 a month and I live in Southern California. I'm tired I'm living broke any advice?

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DaKeia W.

Hi Korey- i returned to work 2mos after implant...i work full time doing database mgmt and am allowed to telework at times i need to be out. It depends on the type of work also- stay away from anything stressful. You may want to start p/t

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Korey R.

Thank you for responding to my inquire. I was told many patients that had previous jobs returned. That is very inspiring but I don't think a job can "let you go" because of an operation like this. I was talking about for a person that doesn't have a job to go back to. I just feel hopeless going out and looking for a job because I will be turned down because of my appearance or because I am on a type of life support.

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DaKeia W.

That would be discrimination and thats against the law. You dont have to disclose that information either if you are not comfortable. What VAD do you have? The reason i ask is because if you have Heartware you can disguise it in a satchel instead of carrying it in the reg equipment it comes with. Im not too familiar with Heartmate- hopefully someone can give you some pointers on that.

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DaKeia W.

If you are on FB join the group Fighting for our Hearts*Young Adults with the LVAD/Heartmate II Pump*

Its a group for teens n young adults with the VAD-im sure u can get some encoragement from the group- its pretty cool...we're like a little family =)

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Korey R.

Yeah it would be discrimination but I'm sure they can find a nice legal way to not hire me or just not call back. I all ready joined the group and the group leader said most of the people don't work. I'm just tired of living on a fixed income and I don't want to sit around and collect money

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Dennis F.

I have had an HM II since April, 2010. I found that wearing my batteries in a 5.1.1. Tactical holster shirt with a shirt over it is both comfortable and provides concealment. I wear the controller in a Thoratec waist pouch that rides directly beneath my belt buckle. With my shirt on and untucked, no one can tell I'm bionic.

The question of the employment interview is tricky. There are state and federal laws against discrimination but they don't guarantee you a job now. Good luck.

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Milton B.

Hello, I'm a 35yr old male living with CHF. My fears have become a reality now that i've given in to possibly having the L-vad surgery. I cannot find any assistance that will allow me to have this surgery done. SSI finally been approved but it's not nearly enough to cover any expenses. can anyone point me in the right direction for housing and other resources here in Northwest indiana?
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Randy M.

Check with your state to see if they have a vocational rehab program. As someone said earlier, they do database management from home. I do website development from home. I only work about 20 hours per week, and I make over $40k per year. I qualified for SSI a long time ago, but as you said, it doesn't pay well. Best of luck to you.
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Joan J.

HM II allowed my husband to run 3 companies now. Before the implantation he hardly coped with one company and right before the implantation he almost wasn't able to go to work and worked from home most of the time. Now it's been over a year after the lvad implantation and he is doing great with lvad (sometimes I get the impression that ha has got more life force than he used to have before he started beeing ill over 9 years ago). Since he was released from the hospital (where he spent almost 6 months due to complications) ha hasn't had any medical problems, not even a simple caugh. We are happy that he did not get a heart transplant but lvad and for now we plan to stay on the lvad as long as possible. Also, his lvad is almost invisible as he wears a special lvad shirt which we found after many months of searching for. It is much better than the 5.1.1 tactical holster shirts we used at the beginning (we have about 6 of them lying unused in the wardrobe). Now he wears only the ones that makes the batteries not visible and make normal shirts and suits to look well on him as he loves looking handsome ;-). The only disadventage of the lvad for us is not being able to take a normal bath or go to a swimming pool with children but this is nothing to compare how great my husband feels - like a healthy man or even better :-)
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Pat A.

What type of shirt does your husband wear ? My husband has a heartmate 2 we are always looking for shirts and vests that can cover his batteries etc. thanks for any info that you can give .
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Sally B.

I'm going to apply for a job working from home. I'll let you know of my success (or failure)
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Joanne W.

Where, Oh, where did you find the right shirts for men. I have been looking for a few nice shirts to order. So far I have found gun concealment shirts for my son . He received his Alvad in Aug 2015. He is 45 years old. He is proud and we would like some bit of normal. I have found one ALVAD shirt that sells for $90.00 each. WOW! talk about taking advantage of a illness, and breaking the bank. Please respond you could be a life saver. All help would be greatly appreciated.