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Shower Protection

Hi Everyone,

My name is Arthur Canga, I'm from Brazil. My dad got the heartmate 3  this past July and i would like to get a few tips or some suggestions to protect his driveline during the shower. What kind of bandage is more secure to avoid his driveline of getting wet? He is starting to get some bacteria infection on the exit of his driveline and i know that bacteria loves water. We are trying various types of waterproof bandage , but always get little bit wet after the shower. 



Arthur Canga

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Jody H.

for my boyfriend we use the 'press & seal' saran wrap - we put it over the bandage & secure with waterproof tape....It works pretty good for us

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Hope W.


I've had an lvad for a little over a year. When I shower my husband applies a large Tegaderm (8×12 - product number 1629) over the dressing. The driveline is moved so that it faces down. After the shower the dressing is changed. So far we have had no leakage or infections of any kind.

At first I found these on Amazon but was able to order them to come with my other driveline supplies.

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Larry B.

Have had my HM3 for 3.5 years now. I take a shower every morning. I use two tegaderm. One 6x8 and one 4x4. I also use one of the 4x4 gauze pad.

I unfold the 4x4 gauze and use two small pieces of tape to tape it over my dressing. This makes it much easier to take off with tugging on the dressing itself. I then tape the 6x8 over this starting at the left edge (as looking at it in the mirror). Then I overlap the edge of it by at least an inch with the 4x4. This ends up covering everything including the anchor. When done showering just remove and discard. Unless it gets wet while showering I don’t change the dressing until normal change day. Gift yourself a little overlap all the way around and make sure to press firmly where the 4x4 overlaps the 6x8.

i shower every morning and in over 3 years my dressing has not gotten wet a handful of times and they were all operator error. It’s been at least a year since my dressing has gotten wet.

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Dennis S.

My wife has an LVAD and when she showers we simply remove the dressing. We don’t cover the driveline entry wound at all. This is with the blessing of the LVAD team at CPMC in SF. The only caveat is don’t aim the water directly at the wound. This is working out very well and she is showering every other day. 

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Mariza M.

Hi Arthur, I am also from RJ, Brazil, and I have had my HM2 for 4.5 years now. I use the plastic side of the gauze packing to cover the dressing ( generally 2) fixed with Micropore. Over that I put a piece of plastic film, also fixed with Micropore. It works quite well to avoid wetting the dressing during bath.

Hope it works well for your father