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Blood pressure Doppler

Hi.  I had my L-VAD implanted almost 4 months ago.  They can't get my blood pressure stabilized.  I'm trying to find a vascular Doppler here in Canada so I can check at home, no luck.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, many thanks!


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Mike D.

We bought one off Amazon.  The LVAD  team tested it and used it..said its great..but I have not mastered taking my husband's pressure..not as easy as they make it

It's a Hi dop Bt 200 vascular doppler

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Kelly R.

Hi MyLVAD Community,

I saw the post regarding Dopplers & BP Cuffs and I wanted to let you all know that if you are using Wound Care Resources (WCR) to receive your at-home LVAD supplies, we will provide you a Doppler & BP Cuff at no charge to you or your insurance.  All you have to do is ask you LVAD Coordinator to send us an order form for these items and we will ship them with your next months supplies.


Kelly Raczniak - Regional Account Manager - WCR