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Bob S. Caregiver

Seeing is Believing!

We thought pictures of the Wildkin Adult Lunch Bags would be helpful...Sue does not go anywhere with out one! They have two can be used for regular carry everywhere items and the bottom holds the controller and batteries...each compartment has double zippers. They are water resistant and come in a variety of colors. The Wildkin Adult Lunch bags are inexpensive and available right from the company on line.Sue with her Zebra Bag.

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Larry B.

Looks great. We learn to do whatever we need to to make life easier. Improvisation should be part of the LVAD training program!

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Elyven L.

My husband is experiencing skin irritation from the take on the driveline holder and the open wound cover. He consistently picks at at which makes it worse. The glue sticks to his skin. He had his surgery on November 7, 2019. Is anyone experiencing this issue. 

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gail p.


I have not experienced that but when my daughter's skin gets irritated I use cavilon non sting barriers and they work really good to heal the skin. I order mine from amazon they are not expensive.

You might want to check with the doctor to make sure it is ok. I have never had a open wound but the skin sometimes gets irritated.

Gail P.


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John S.

 Many people development skin problems from the adhesives on driveline anchors.  Having to wear them everyday, all day almost guarantees this will happen.  One of the design benefits of the Freedom Undervest made by Medi-Materials LLC is that once the LVAD equipment is loaded into the shirt, there is no need for any driveline anchors or holders.  

You can find a list of the benefits of wearing the Freedom Undervest here:

I hope this is helpful to your husband.


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Krysti B.

I had a question, does she carry around 2 bags? I was told I had to take a “go bag” with extra batteries and controller. I was just wondering how your wife does it, I have a lot of trouble carrying all this equipment. I’m a rookie, implanted 5/24/19.

thank you

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Bob S.

Whenever we leave the house...we take an extra carry all bag with 2 batteries...2 battery holders and a controller. We also have the emergency vad phone number in the bag in case of an accident or whatever.  Usually leave the spare parts in our vehicle as long as we are only 5 minutes away. If we go to a concert or a show we take them with us....really important to have a vad buddy with you who would be capable of making the emergency switch to a new controller.

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Larry N.

We seem to have two threads going here, and I suspect this one should have its own home. But I don't know how to make that happen. Until someone figures out how to do that, we've found that Cavilon helps a lot. When we recently changed anchors my wife forgot to put it on (I sometimes drift off during changes, so I wasn't any help) and sure enough, my skin broke out rather badly. So we used the Cavilon barrier wipes last time we moved the anchors, and so far so good. 

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Jean S.

This looks great. I went on the Wildkin site and can’t find it. Any suggestions?