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How to rebuild my life? Please help?

So I have had my LVAD for over 3 years now and thankfully without any major issues. I have been supported by family through this time but unerstandably that is not a long term option and has gone on long enough already. I don't feel comfortable going back to work full time as my energy levels can still turn on me if over exerted and who wants to impose that on themselves for minimum wage? As my health turned in my 20s I lack any career experience past entry level and many jobs open to unqualified people are unsuitable for a man in my position (working in hospitality causes an increased risk of a driveline infection as an example). I currently live in the countryside but it looks like I'll need to move to a city to access suitable employment (like a sterile call centre). That then comes with it's own financial pressures as well as isolating myself from my support network, it all feels very beyond me right now. I suppose just ranting is beneficial so thank you for reading but I'm hoping anyone can share some success stories of reintegrating back into the world please?

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Have you applied for disability? You usually get approved with an LVAD. In my experience it's hard to have a stable job with an LVAD. Even with my disability payments I still need additional income, I do side deliveries here and there but even that's hard to maintain steadily. Sometimes I have to take a week off and I only work a few hours at the most 3 days a week.