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Sleeping with batteries

I must strongly disagree with those who say that sleeping with batteries is “stupid and dangerous”  It is no such thing.

 I have had an LVAD for almost 2 years and I often nap with batteries if I am expecting someone and need to get up quickly.  For a year and a half I slept with batteries every night because that box that is attached to the cable (I call my cable “Wally”, get it?) was on my wife’s side of the bed and I smacked her in the grill every time I had to get up to use the bathroom, which was often.  I have never had an ill effect from this, so don’t pass up the convenience because you are afraid of consequences that don’t exist.  I wear LVAD tee shirts  which I buy online at the LVAD store for a usurious price.  I simply remove the battery from the side I want to sleep on and fall asleep.  Easy!

A.J. Caliendo