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Candace K. Family Member

LVAD Tshirts to give


I have 9 LVAD tshirts that I would like to donate.

7 are white 2 are black all size Mens XL. 

Please let me know if you or someone you know could really use them. I know they are pricey!

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Michael B.

Candace,: I appreciate your offer and would love to have a couple (one or two) if you still have them to give. Summers in Arizona are so hot and I only have one to wear. I'll pay shipping if you wish. I'll  send you my address. My email is

Michael B. 

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Lily J.

Good morning,

I have a patient who is about to be discharged from the hospital with his HeartMate 3 who would love some shirts if they are still available. My number is 505-843-2879 or email is Have a great day!

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Leah H.

hello! i am a social worker for vad patients! any donations would be great, as the equipment we are able to provide now is very uncomfortable for most patients

email -

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juan m.

My name is Juan I'm interested in the LVAD shirts i live in New Jersey if they are still available please contact me. My number is 732-312-8501 thank you

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Cindy G.

If you have one or two available, my husband would be interested. I can be reached at glenn76c@ Thank you. Cindy Glenn

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Candace K.

I think I’ve replied to everyone on this thread thus far. I’ll reach out to you soon. So happy to be able to help. And if we find anymore I will let you know! 

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Irving Mark H.

When I got home from the hospital Oct 1 2021, I was searching for ways to hold my equipment.  I got some closeout military type jackets on close out that have 3 large pockets and work well for the equipment.  I also found on some fishing vests for about $20, which are better for warmer weather and they are my favorite attire now.

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Kathleen N.

Hi id love a few for my hubby he got his lvad 11/09/21 still trying too figure out what works best for him thank you


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Janice T.

I just got an LVAD and could really use them.  I can be reached at 585-820-4467.  I would really appreciate the shirts

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Kim B.

Are all of these shirts gone already?



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Eric E.


I just had my LVAD surgery 2 months ago. I would be interested on the t-shirts. Please let me know if they are still available.

Eric G. Elvira
Melbourne, FL

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April W.

It is a very nice thing for you to donate them. If you still have any my dad just got his LVAD 12/6/22 and would love to get one or two of them 


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Clarence L.

Hi ,

just checking to see if you have either left . I would like one black and one white if possible.