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MyLVAD A. Caregiver

Daily Activities

LVAD recipients: what physical activities do you enjoy most?

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Angel C.

I have been walking and hiking. I have had my LVAD for 3 and half years and my body has not accepted it well so I have had lots of side effects. The only thing I can credit my LVAD for is that I can get out of my house everyday and walk and that I have got to see 3 and half more years of my son's life. I walk 2 or miles a day, it is my sanity.

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Elizabeth K.

Angel: if you don't mind me asking- what kind of side effects have you had? My dad is doing fairly well post LVAD, except that he now has anemia-whch may or may not be related to his LVAD device. Just wondering if you experienced that. If that is too personal of a question that is Ok. I think it's awesome that you can do that 2 mile walk a day.

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Melody T.

My husband has also had anemia since receiving his LVAD in Feb 2010. My husband can not walk 2 miles but he has learned to pace himself. He has more energy in the morning and early afternoon. He has gone fishing on our boat which made me very nervous. But it is something he truly loves! He has also fished off the dock which I much prefer. He has been to the beach several times when it was cool enough to sit under the umbrella with SPF 50 suntan lotion! I suggest try a little at any time it is so important to be active mentally and physically.

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Michael-Joshua M.

As for me, i go to the batting cages and hit some balls, play Non-Contact Lacrosse

:-) and walking walking walking, hours on end. walking through manhattan for 6 hours straight. The LVAD blessed me with stamina again. What my heart attack took away, The LVAD gave back. I have had my LVAD for 22 months

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Richard O.

I enjoy walking preferably outside. Hills are still a challenge but considering I could not walk 90 feet before, I am blessed to be able to walk 1 mile or more without being too worn out. I enjoy going to NASCAR races and where my seats are located up 30 rows I can make it while I see others huffing and puffing. It is truely an assist device. I also enjoy fishing but you must remember your bag with the controller and extra batteries!

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Willard J H.

I like to push the envelope. I always have and most likely always will. I use to hike Catocton Mountain( hard part and ran it), run/walk with the dog and bike with the dog and push ups and pull ups everyday before going into the hospital for LVAD. Yes all this with an EF of 7%. Back to biking with the dog about three times a week right now, have only done the easy,easy one mile path hike at the mountain once and if I can fit it in short walk with dog. Can not do push ups or pull ups just yet and up to 20 lb curls right now. I also have a 6 month old so strapped for time to do what I use to. I will get back to what I was doing and should be able to do more so we shall see.

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Larry D.

Well I get out there and do 15 miles a week, and walk about 3.2 MPH with an incline of 2.0, I go pretty hard at the gym, I say if you can get out there and work out then go do it. I was not able to walk much at all but now I will never stop. I look better, feel better, eat better, and I am a little easier on the eye LOL.

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Arthur B.

I was implanted with my first LVAD in Sept. 2011.The day before I was to go home red heart alarms were going off, a blood clot had formed in the pump. I was immediatly brought to emergency surgery for a second implant. I was relesaed from the hospital just before Thanksgiving 78 days in the hospital from begining to end.I have now returned to work 4 hrs a day since mid April. Hang in there strength will return slowly

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Ray F.

My husband was implanted in June of 2010. He is still having much difficulty walking. He does go to a cardiac rehab three times a week and works out on the treadmill and bikes. He can do about 40 minutes at a slow pace before he tires and his legs ache and become weak. We are wondering if others are still having this problem. Ray is 74 years old. We wonder if those who are doing more walking, able to do inclines, etc. are much older. We are very frustrated with his tiredness and slow mobility. He is better than he was in 2010, but we expected better progress.

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Rhonda C.

My partner had always believed that exercise was achieved from working physically hard so he was in good shape for a man with heart failure! He went in for LVAD surgery mid March of 2012 when all other medical intervention was failing. Three days before we were set to return home, we had our first alarm experience. There was a blood clot in the LVAD and everything changed. IV blood thinning agents were used to attempt to dissolve the clot. The therapy didn't work. Replacing the clogged LVAD with a new Heartmate was our only choice. Having major surgery once was tough but twice within two months was incredibly debilitating. It has been three months of determination but he's finally gaining strength. For quite a while, the jarring from walking was enough to cause pain. Riding in a car on uneven pavement was torture. We now each own a bicycle and have started riding. On the average, we put in three to five miles daily (when its not raining) and have even tackled a ten mile ride. Give it time and don't give up. Effort paid in does make a difference from what we've experienced.

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Sabrina B.

I enjoy Zumba and riding the recumbent bike most of all. I also have a walk DVD that I enjoy. Unfortunately, I have not been very consistent with them lately but these are the ones that I enjoy most and find are able to do with the most ease with the pump.. Blessings all.

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teresa w.

Yes I have that problem as well I do well in the morning and in the evening I start to fell very tired. I have had mines for 2years will it get better?
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mohamed e.

there is an lvad patient who told us that he plays lacrosse with no contact how do you accomplish that and is there any possible way to play soccer what precautions shall i take