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James A. Recipient

Concept 2 rowering

7I am a 70 yr old male almost eight weeks post surgery (HeartMate 3) and starting to exercise.  Previous to my surgery I exercised with a Concept 2 rowing machine a few times a week, interspersed with treadmill and weights.  In cardio rehab we are using free weights and treadmill/bicycling/recumbent steppers almost exclusively.  

I really enjoyed rowing, and no one seems to have any information regarding LVAD patients using a rowing machine.  Does anyone have any experience or advice for this activity for LVAD patients?


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ron l.

Never heard anyone mention rowing but it’s not a contact sport. Otherwise, how is your current routine going in regards to adapting to the lvad? All the best.

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Jillian F.


While rowing is not a contact sport I would be careful with your form. We had a patient, many years ago, who was doing about 75 crunches a day, without us knowing, and he eventually ended up with an internal driveline fracture which required a pump exchange. While rowing and crunches certainly are not the same you just want to be careful with your form and watch that you are staying more upright as to protect the driveline internally. I used to love rowing until I hurt my back. Good luck to you!