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Lucy D. Caregiver

Men's Shirts...

What kind of shirts are easiest to wear with LVAD and drive line? Dad got his just last month, we are still in rehab center and haven't made it home yet. He used to wear alot of button up the front flannel shirts, and is concered about the drive line having to be tucked down and then back up to the control bag....has anyone found a particular style that is easier to wear with the LVAD? or found a way to make alterations to exisiting clothing to make it easier to wear with the VAD?

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Janice & Burrell B.

Hello, My name is Janice and I am new to the LVAD Community. My husband recently had his LVAD implanted in August/2012. I have created a T-Shirt that is worn under the clothes so that the batteries and the controller is not exposed. My husand wears sweaters and pull over shirts now. But he is able to wear his suit coats. Please check our website at My husband loves the T-Shirt because it distributes the weight of the system and no one ever knows that he is carrying around 10 pounds of life sustaining equipment. We would love to hear from you. Burrell has had pretty good success with the LVAD. We are getting back to leading normal lives. JanBill

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Linda F.

My husband loves his covert carry shirts. The batteries fit where the concealed carry gun goes. They are discussed at

I've gotten a lot on closeout specials in the fall. Also try the LA Police Gear site.


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Sheraz B.

A professional look requires a tailored appearance, and by ordering custom dress shirts you can look polished and professional. offers a variety of fabrics to fit your budget and make you look amazing. Once you choose a fabric, you can design the shirt by selecting the sleeve, collar, cuff, pocket, stitching and monogram of your choice. With so many options, it?s easy to make a great looking shirt that combines all of your favorite styles!

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rob a.

Tailor made or made to measure dress shirts are the one which reflects your personality quite prominently. why custom dress shirts? this needs only one line to clearify its whole concept and that is" it is crafted and stitched right according to your own body size and shape". This is the reason that why Custom Dress shirts are the choice for number of men.
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Ronald K.

I like the loose fitting shirts that button down the front. Get them a Costco for about $20.00 each. They have a Hawaii flavor to them. I then put the batteries into an undercover t shirt. These are designed for undercover police. The 'pockets' or holster will accommodate the batteries . They are just under $60.00 each but last a very long time. Check out this website for details
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Bryan H.

Hello all, I have been really struggling to wear my lvad, as I am very self-conscious. First, I took it upon myself and put my own sewing to the test. Well, that didn't work out as planned... I have since tried many lvad shirts that people make, and I haven't found one that holsters everything the most effective way. My coordinator recommended one to me, and I feel it does exactly what I am looking for. Rod Carew, has come out with a line of lvads shirts that has really helped me be most comfortable in carrying my Vad confidently and securely. Even so, my cardiac rehab people WILL NOT let me partake in some cardiac rehab exercises if I am not wearing it. If you're unsure about purchasing a LVAD shirt, I can assure you is by far the best lvad shirt that evenly distributes the weight and will allow you to wear your equipment comfortably. They have great customer service too, as I received a response in less than 5 minutes. That's a plus!
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Mary E.

What I can never understand is that shirts made for VAD use are almost never shown with an actual VAD recipient wearing the shirt. Unless it's actually handmade you never know how it will preform when it is in use.