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Joann H. Caregiver


We recently posted info about our VADPADS and would like some volunteers to try for free and give us back some feedback. All you will need is a polo type shirt we will send the VADPAD to you with instuctions on how to use. We will only be supplying a few so email back if interested ASAP. If you are uncertain you can go to our website to see the product. Thank You

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Alyssa F.

My dad was implanted a little after your mom if I recall correctly. I looked at your site, but the swatches didn't appear to be masculine. Please let me know if you do have a more masculine swatch, and I think my dad may be interested in trying the vad pad. You can email me, I didn't see your email address, at I look forward to hearing from you, Aviva

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Lisa M.

My father would be interested also. The website says "coming soon" so I have not previewed the product. If it is, in fact, for men also my father would participate. He currently orders vests online from a lady who makes them by hand. They have made all the difference to him.

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Joann H.

We are still working on the website and yes we will have masculine VADPADS as well. WE currently are working on one for a male patient here in Florida. The only thing you will need to do is buy a polo shirt and we will send the rest with instructions. These are used with utility strength velcro that will need to be stitched onto your shirt. WE will include that as well. These will be free for our volunteers all we ask is feedback and just wearing them will be advertisement. My mother presently is still in rehab and uses one daily and is able to exercise and also able to distribute the weight better. We are working on having these done in the next week and will ship them to your address you provide. We are excited for you to try and hope that this will help as it is helping my mother cope with the change in her life. My email address is so you can send me your address or any correspondence there. Look forward to talking to you.

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Marilyn D.

Hi there :) My Dad just got his L-VAD on Friday the 22nd, he's 79 years old and doing splendidly! They're already sending him to rehab on Thursday. I'm his care partner and I would love to test your VAD PAD. Here's our info:

Raymond Downs

8975-286 Lawrence Welk Dr.

Escondido, CA 92026

My name is Marilyn Downs and you can reach me at 951-553-4094 or 760-749-5477

I live with my Dad, I have since his heart failure got critical in March of 2012.

Thank you SO much, If you need any more info just let me know.


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Joann H.

Again, Thank you for all of your interest in the trial. We are still working on sending out the rest of the VAD-PADS as we had a little crisis with Mom. Looks like things may be getting brighter and they have come up with a solution. We are updating our website for more info. on how the VAD-PAD works. We are expanding the color selections as well and adding more masculine options. At this time as of March 7 we have more than enough people to trial. Thank You for helping us out with this and those of you still waiting they are being mailed tommorrow. So look for your packages coming soon. Thanks Again Lisa