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LVAD supplies available


My dad had an LVAD (Heartmate II) and unfortunately passed away about 3 months after his surgery. My mom has approximately 2 months of LVAD supplies that she is willing to sell cheap or donate to someone in need. We also have 2 extra batteries, charger, wall power unit, vest, harness, and holsters. Please pass on this information to the people in your support group. If anyone is interested, please have them email me at ndepalma@me.com.

Thank you,
Nicole DePalma

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I am very interested in the lvad supplies!!

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Where do you live ? Which lead do you have ?

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Free lvad supplies

My husband had a heart mate 2 .he received a new heart this year in Boston . If anyone who has an lvad needs lvad kits . We have them to give for free . We do realize the hardship that we went through and we are glad to try and make it easier for someone out there that needs them for your piece of mind. Just Email me. Acura1234567@aol.com -- Hopefully you are located in the Boston area . We are located about 28 miles north west of Boston. Mean while God bless you all.❤️❤️❤️

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Please note Free lvad supplies

Boxes of lvad kits . We are located in the Boston area / 28 miles North west of Boston email me at acura1234567@aol.com. God bless you all. ❤️

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LVAD Heart Mate ll

My husband is 71 and has had his surgery on 10/19/2016. We are still in the hospital with some issues with his lungs. I do understand that it is not real uncommon to be here for 6 to 8 weeks. It's been difficult to see my husband wondering did he do the right thing, he shared that with me just recently. He does have more positive days, it is an emotional journey.

I would be interested in any supplies, obviously the distance may be a problem. We live in La Crosse, Wi. Hope to be dismissed in two weeks from Mayo, St. Mary's , Rochester, MN.


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(5) FREE LVAD Binders for someone in need

We have 5 LVAD binders that we would like to pass on to someone in need. Used condition, but overall look great minus a stain or two. Nothing wrong with the way they work. In Jacksonville, FL area. If interested, please email: mvkcopilot@comcast.net.

Thank you.

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My nephew had a serious

My nephew had a serious surgery and he needs that too.