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9 years today (20th Oct 2020) living with LVAD

Nine years ago today, Prof Phil Spratt and the wonderful, dedicated Heart team from St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney (Australia) inserted my Heartware LVAD and consequently extended my life another 9 years to date. I have been very fortunate to have used this time wisely and to the maximum with travelling via caravan each year for approximately 2-4  months at a time to places such as Tasmania, Queensland and exploring NSW a bit more. My wife and I have also joined a few cruises to Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, the latest being a Christmas Cruise(2019-2020) for 2 weeks aboard the Holland America Liner 'Maasdam'. There is still just so much to see and be involved with in Australia, even during this COVID period.

Most importantly however, is the care and support given to myself and my wife at St.Vincent's Hospital. We have a marvellous LVAD Co-ordinator Desiree Robson, along with Prof Peter MacDonald, Prof Chris Hayward and other wonderful doctors. Of special note, Prof Anne Keogh, my cardiologist for over 10 years, has been a lifesaver, as she is the one who suggested I would benefit from an LVAD (destination surgery at the age of 75).  When I was given a couple of months to live (from another hospital), Prof Anne Keogh took me on as a challenge and the rest is history, still enjoying life (sailing, etc. in our 30ft yacht).




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Mercedes S.

I'm so glad to hear about you. Brings me some courage.  I'm about to set a date for surgery this Thursday.  I was doing good and then I crashed.  On melatonin.  It's a big step. 

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Lisa W.

So nice to hear the longevity you’ve had with your LVAD.   It will be a year in December that my husband got his LVAD.  He wants a heart transplant so bad.   Any words of encouragement if this doesn’t happen for him?

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Dick T.

Very encouraging to hear. Dec 4th will be my one year anniversary. Had a few complications the first six months (GI bleeds, driveline infection) but have now settled into a routine. Destination therapy for me. Not qualified for transplant due to age (72). 

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Reiss T.

Jack, your story is amazing and inspiring, thank you for sharing. I have just published my story, called "Not an Ordinary Life", in which ny Heartmate II plays a significant part. Its available on Amazon at: in case anyone is interested. The book would have not been written except for my LVAD.

Reiss Tatum.

Author, Entrepreneur, Combat Marine

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Jack W.

So pleased that you were able to write your story Reiss and Lynette and I will look forward to reading it. I’m sure it will be very interesting. I now have only 4 months and 9 days before reaching 10 years with my LVAD HeartWare.

Kind Regards,