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HeartMate III Mens Clothing

I received a HeartMate III LVAD on 1/25/19. I have been home from the hospital for 5 days and I am using a Thoratec vest that was given to me at the hospital.I am ready to order mens clothing to accommodate my LVAD and would appreciate some advice. The batteries are now hanging on my side and the system controller is hanging around my neck. It is cumbersome and uncomfortable. I am looking for clothing recommendations that will be more comfortable. I like loose fitting tops/shirts. In looking at the LVAD clothing site, I am a bit confused on how best to order. Any suggestions on shirts/vests that will hold the batteries and drive line comfortably would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ken L.

Try Olympian fishing jacket from Amazon. Pockets all in the right place. 

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Larry B.

There are tons of clothing options out there for you.

if you want inexpensive vests use Here’s a link to one that I have multiple ones of

Do a search on amazon for “multi pocket travel vests”. Most of these have large inside posters that will hold your batteries and smaller ones for the controller.

my daily go to clothing are cargo shorts/pants. Put my batteries in pant/short front pockets and controller in front cargo pocket. I use velcro ties to tie the cords together and then loop it through my belt loop to secure. Pull my shirt down and it only leaves about 4” of cords that can get caught on anything.

if you have a reason to get dressed up and don’t want to cut your clothes up to accommodate your cords there is a fix for that. It’s called a football girdle. I use the Under Armour 6 pad football girdle. Wear it inside out. Batteries go in ea of the thigh pad pockets and controller goes in the hip pad pocket. You wear it inside out because it’s easier to get the equipment in and out. Put your shorts or pants on and you are good to go. All your cords are out of sight and nothing to get caught on. This is what I use to play golf in. Works perfect.

ive found all the shirts they advertise to be a little lame. When you pull a shirt on over them you look like The Hulk! Good luck