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Kristi W. Caregiver

Equipment donation

My mom had an lvad and she passed away. I have a bunch of equipment I would rather donate than just getting rid of. I would love to hear any ideas. I can send pictures if needed. Email me.

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Terry R.

Kristi, I received some equipment under similar circumstances. I traveled from Illinois to New Jersey to get the equipment. I am so thankful to the donors that it is hard to fathom. They made my life so much easier and Mayo’s checked the gear out and gave it the thumbs up.  Bless you for thinking of others. Terry 

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Angela C.

I’m so sorry to hear that your mum has passed away after having an lvad 

my husband is still waiting for a transplant and also has an lvad and he’s had that for 3 and a half years now and is stable health wise 

Sorry to ask this but did she pass away due to complications with the lvad I’m always on edge with my husbands condition as he has end stage heart failure and the lvad is a bridge to transplant 

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Kristi W.

She had a stroke during a heart surgery and passed 2 years later due to those complications. She had her lvad for 2 years before that and loved it. She had difficulties but overall it made a positive impact on her mental and physical health.

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Susan S.

My husband is not a candidate for a heart transplant .  He is destination .   I would be interested if you still have some equipment.   Let me know what you have.  

God Bless, and you are so gracious, 


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Kristi W.

I have several batteries, chargers and accessory bags. Her equipment is several years old so I’m not exactly sure what will or won’t work but I’m happy to try and make it work. Where are you located?
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Trish S.

I am writing because, sadly, my father in law has come home and is in hospice care, and we expect that he will be passing in the next few days.  His LVAD was a gift in many ways, and was able to give him six more years of life.  Now that he is passing, our family feels it is a shame to just throw away his LVAD equipment, if there is any organization or individual who can make use of any or all of it. If anyone has any information, or individual need, I hope you will reply to this post.

Thanks very much,  - Trish