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Impella heart pump
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 8:42am


Has anyone on here, or someone you know, ever had an Impella device placed? It's claim is that it's the world's smallest heart pump. It takes over 50% or more of your heart function. I had one placed on 03/07/17. They left it in maybe 2-3 days. I was pretty out of it so I'm not sure how long it was there. They make an incision in your groin, just like a heart cath. They run it up to your heart, and it takes over your heart function. After it was removed, and up to today's date, 03/28/17, my leg has been completely numb on the surface, and very painful just below the surface. Has anyone had any experience with the Impella device? I am just curious as to any side effects or lack there of that anyone has had.

Please help.

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