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Victories and Challenges with my LVAD
Fri, 12/09/2011 - 6:56pm

This is O'Neal Isom, Jr. and I had my LVAD implanted 10/20/2011. My recovery progressed pretty smoothly and I started out just being at home exercising as much as I could.
My first victory was going down to Annapolis harbor and walk around again.
My next victory was making it back to work in late December of 2011. That process went OK with a setback when I realized 10 hour days were not an option and relayed that to my employer.
Accommodations were made to alter my schedule but in a small organization it is harder for them to cover. I admittedly have a few days where I have not slept well,
feel low energy, and I am not going to get on the road driving risking other folks lives just to put up with some of the nonsensical things that happen at work. I have found the LVAD places a different perspective on how I view what is important and what is nonsense,
Enough with the negative. In May 2011 I think my wife Dianne knew I was back when I cleaned my charcoal grills and put some food on the grills, and started cutting the grass with our gas powered push mower. And I drove to Philly and NYC with no issues, Dianne was rider support.
We did that two times this year and I plan to do more in 2012.
So as of 12/9/2011 I have no complaints but have to amend my post by saying all my travels to Philly and DC were with my wife, caretaker, Dianne
The employment issue with an LVAD and insurance is an issue.