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lexigriff lexigriff's picture
Emergency Power Packs

Is everyone still giving their patients the EPP? I don't really feel they are needed with the Go Gear and are so cumbersome !
Thanks !

Eva_Melrose Eva_Melrose's picture

We no longer give them out since the go gear batteries are so much better.

Danielle_Dehn Danielle_Dehn's picture

Same with us. We no longer supply them unless the patient specifically wants one.

lexigriff lexigriff's picture

Do you give them anything extra in place of the EPP?

Lauren_Price Lauren_Price's picture

We give an extra set of batteries (6 total) instead of the EPP.

Shauna Andrus Shauna Andrus's picture

Two previously used 14v Li-Ion batteries for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.
Bright pink sticker label with same. Shauna

Tony_Martin Tony_Martin's picture

No more EPPs. Two "gently" used batteries...like my mentor, Shauna.