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I've tried the Yoga CD but I was unable to do alot of the exercises;it was for beginners . So I've decided to do some thing else. I going to my walks again. I was doing two miles a day and it was getting to hot during the summer. I'm going do do my walks in the morning and do some of my leg exercises in the condo when it starts getting hot, I also like to fish so that will help me walk to the lake when I park the car. So I think this will help me alot to. You all take care and I'll talk to you in a bit.
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Radu D.

An Anonymous person posted about not being able to do all the yoga "exercises" following a CD. I would suggest to watch Sadhguru speeches about yoga on YouTube or Isha foundation so it may clarify/refine the real approach to yoga. You may find it more rewarding and beneficial, especially as you like fishing and probably nature/outdoors options. Good luck ❤🤝❤