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Talmadge L. Recipient

Dressing change in Corpus Christi, TX

Hello, does anyone know of a nurse or where I can go for a dressing change in Corpus Christi, TX? I am traveling there soon for a couple of weeks and will not have my caregiver with me that does my changes. Any help is appreciated! 

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Juanita P.

This message maybe too late, I just saw it.  However, if you are leaving in couple weeks, learn to change the dressing yourself.  Have your caretaker be there, but guide you through the process.  I've had my LVAD 7 longg years.  The first 3 weeks out of hospital my daughter did them, as she is also a paramedic.  Buttt, i thought what if she is not here, she has a life, what would I do?? I learned to do it myself.  And for the last 6 3/4 years, I've done that myself.  


It is so important especially if that individual is not there.  What if you tore it some how, you would need an immediate change, no caretaker, you would need to do it.  Hope this helps...I have to be real.  Good luck. 

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Lee S.

I've had my VAD for 20 months and I've been doing my own changes myself for the last 19 months. I just can't believe the people that can't do this. It's not hard!!

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James H.

You really should work with your LVAD Coordinators and have them teach you how to do this yourself.  I'm coming up on 2 year VadVersary and routinely do my own dressing change.