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Research A. Recipient

Would you like to join an important study about your experience of living with a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)?

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John I.

My name is John.  I was diagnosed with CHF in 2012. In 2013 I completed P90X twice and was in the best shape of my life.  Had several medical relapses over the years and received my LVAD in March of 2017.  Currently also have a PICC line. 

I am reaching out for guidance or others in the same situation, what excersices work well yet accommodate the medical limitations?  Is there anybody looking for a workout buddy in the DE area?

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Lisa L.

 Hello everyone, my name is Lisa Harmon Long and I am a patient living with the HeartWare Lvad. Since I am destination therapy,  I wanted to come up with something to make my life easier and make me look and feel normal or “whatever normal means LOL😁  while in public .

So , I invented a fashionable medical device cover for the HeartWare  and HeartMate Lvad. We currently have the HeartWare available in stock now,  and will be offering the HeartMate covers  very soon. We will be making different designs for men,  women and children very soon .

These are high-quality covers  made from the best materials , all handcrafted. These will be sold in a three-piece kit with a Bag and Strap cover,  and a new comfy Shoulder Pad   . Here is the website and a sneak peek at the video and some future items that will be available soon. These patent pending items are life-changing and I just wanted to offer them to my Lvad  family as an option. Have a blessed day

Lisa Harmon Long