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Lori C. Caregiver

Has anyone had the Covid vaccine yet who currently has an LVAD

Hello everyone!  I was interested to know if anyone received the Covid vaccine and has an LVAD  Can you share your story .. side effects and any advice 

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Mariza M.

Hi, I’ve already got my two shots of Astrazeneca in Brazil, with no major problems. 

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Diane B.

Both my husband and I had the Moderna vaccine without any untoward problems in January and February. I would strongly recommend with this new Delta variant that if you have not done it yet you consider going it very soon. Close friends of ours who were both vaccinated (one Pfizer and the other Moderna) both tested positive last month as well as their children. Only sinus headache and stuffed up noses. Highly infectious even with careful quarantining.. Our local hospital in Florida had 165 inpatients with Covid last week. All but 5 were un-vaccinated. Of the 5 that were vaccinated there was a transplant patient, kidney failure and cancer patients.The vaccines in this area are doing their job of lessening hospital admissions and death which are the primary reasons for getting them. Family Doc strongly encouraged us to get proper N95  masks to wear whenever we are in the public. Politics cannot enter into this decision. Do what's best for you and your family. Stay safe.