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Victor M. Caregiver

Iron deficiency

My husband received his LVAD in August 2021.  He has an iron deficiency and has to go for iron infusions.  He also got an infection in his sternum.  Has anyone dealt with these issues.



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David A.

yes I have iron Infusion often they are very quick these days 

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Jyostna P.

I was wondering if anybody with LVAD had problem with tooth and did they have to go to the hospital for extraction

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larry z.

About a month or so, after returning home from my LVAD implant, I ran into a problem with a gum infection.  Mind you, I have taken care of my teeth & gums all my life.  I had all of my own teeth, until after this problem.  Anyway, after finding out how any type of infection will cause a major problem, my LVAD Team put me in touch with a Dental Surgeon.  He talked me into having all of my teeth pulled.  So. into the hospital OR, with my LVAD coordinator sitting in during the extraction operation, I had all of my teeth pulled..  The surgeon had problems with extraction my teeth because of the good condition of my gums & teeth roots, except for that one infection tooth. 

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larry z.

I need to go & get an infusion about every 6 months.  Depending on how low my Iron is, I have to get 1 or 2 infusions.

As to Infections - any type of infection, in any part of the body will require a hospital stay & an home home medication routine for ABOUT 3 WEEKS.