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Lee S. Recipient

Driveline Port area rash

Been dealing with a rash around the port area. Port is not infected. My skin can't take anymore adhesive. Wondering if anyone has experienced this situation. Any help or suggestion would help!!!

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Diane B.

Hi Lee

Sorry I did not see your last post to me. Unfortunately the "Covid" finally caught up with me and I have been under the weather. I will read your posts again and see if there is any thing else I can possibly suggest until you see wound specialist. Unfortunately it will probably be ont he w/e before I have a chance. Have you tried an ice pack over dressing to try to calm pain.  DO NOT put on bare skin as you could burn yourself.  Diane

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Lee S.

Hi Diane

Sorry to hear you finally caught it. I try to be as safe as I can. I'm home alot cause I don't want to catch it. No worries on getting back to me. I have an appt w/ my Primary Dr on 2/3. He wants to see the rash. It's still inflammed and I do the best I can at this point. So I have another week until I can get some relief. I just want this rash to subside so I can live kinda normal again. I can handle the batteries....monitor....wires and all that "stuff" that goes with it. I just wanna be able to walk across the room without someone sanding my stomach with an 80 grit piece of sandpaper. It was good to hear from you and get some rest. I do appreciate your concern and help for me!!!