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Shortness of breath

My mother recently received a LVAD in the middle of July 2014. Three weeks have gone by and she is still suffering from shortness of breath and lack of energy. She seems no better than before the LVAD was implanted.

Has this shortness of breath after surgery occurred for anyone else?

I understand that recovery from surgery is different for every patient and that the body needs months to heal, but I was curious if anyone suffered the same symptoms post surgery and if so, what was the cause (fluid-up build-up in the lungs, etc).

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm sorry to hear that your mother has problems.I had sortness of breath for several months after lvad implant,I was told by docs that the right side of my heart was still weak. They must have been right because after a long rehab and lots of walking the shortness of breath went away,But keep in mind that we are all different. Best wishes for your mother,