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Joe M. Recipient

HeartMate III Mens Clothing

I received a HeartMate III LVAD on 1/25/19. I have been home from the hospital for 5 days and I am using a Thoratec vest that was given to me at the hospital.I am ready to order mens clothing to accommodate my LVAD and would appreciate some advice. The batteries are now hanging on my side and the system controller is hanging around my neck. It is cumbersome and uncomfortable. I am looking for clothing recommendations that will be more comfortable. I like loose fitting tops/shirts. In looking at the LVAD clothing site, I am a bit confused on how best to order. Any suggestions on shirts/vests that will hold the batteries and drive line comfortably would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ken D.

I bought spandex shorts  on Amazon the hold the batteries and controller. I HAD A problem  WITH THE WEIGHT OF THE batteries  PULLING THEM DOWN. MY WIFE SEWED belt  LOOPS ON THEM .I hold them up with a belt..

I bought the shirts from LVAD gear. I don't like them  but was told that some people wear the shirt backwards while playing golf. I just got  LVAD 10/14/21. I hope to play golf in the spring,  I’m a work in progress.

ken Davis

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Ross S.

Check out and check out the Activevad shirts. They are custom made with pocket placement where it is most comfortable for each patient. I wear it for golf and daily wear because of th weight distribution. Laura has a form for measurements so each shirt is made for each customer. Good luck!!!

I love all three of mine. 

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Ivan M.

I got rid of the shoulder bag and replaced it with a backpack. Got a zip installed under my armpit with bottom opening. The drive line fits comfortably under the armpit. Both hands are then free allowing me, gardening, cycle, play tennis and so on. It is a game changer. I have designed a prototype backpack and waiting for samples at which time I will put photos up.

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Francis C.

Hello everyone 

I have 2 shower bags brand new never used to donate. Please let me know. Thank you 


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Deannie S.

Hi, Francis

I would be very interested in one of the bags. I have had my Heartmate 3 for over 4 years and it is getting pretty worn. If you still have one, I would be happy to send you postage to get it to me.

Thanks, Deannie

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Larry C.

By far the most comfortable thing I have found are conceal carry shirts and vests.  BTW, I do not own a gun. 

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Brenton L. has shirts, backpacks vests etc. 

Here is an excerpt from the website:

"Consulting with physical therapists, a world-class clothing designer, and other LVAD recipients, we developed solutions, such as LVAD clothing to make life easier. Fresh solutions for different activities and lifestyles was one of our primary goals. We found ways to reduce the weight, fit the LVAD to your body, and make daily life easier."

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Lee S.

I have Wrangler Cargo pants and shorts when the weather is warm. I put 1 battery on each side of the pants and the controller in the front pocket. No weight pulling on my neck or shoulders. I tried alot of different vests, I just cant do that weight on me. I was implanted on 10/1/21. My legs can handle the weight and I get around fine....mowing grass ect...

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Todd J.

Cycling bibs are also an alternative. The come with side pockets which you can put the batteries in. They are much cheaper  than the vest, and more concealed. I cut a slit into the pocket  of the side my controller is on. The bibs run around 25 to 35 dollars.

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Kim B.

I make comfortable shirts for my husband to wear for his Heartmate III. I would be glad to share if you are interested.

Email me at 

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Chris H.

VAD Wear is having a Labor Day sale!
Now through 09/05/2023, save 10% off across the site.

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Chris H.

VAD Wear is having a Labor Day sale!
Now through 09/05/2023, save 10% off across the site. 

VADWearVests . com

Etsy shop - VADWear

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